Water Trails

The Harbor District is always working to enhance recreational opportunities in Humboldt County. Being right on the water in a boat, kayak, canoe or rowing shell is a great way to experience the Bay, and we are working to give you improved access and safe boating spaces as part of the Water Trails project. The Bay routes were designed by a local group devoted to improving water access. To assist them, the District applied for and was awarded a Coastal Conservancy grant to improve watercraft launch accesses at three strategic points on the Bay.

The Water Trails project will improve access features such as parking lot upgrades, loading and unloading areas, and low-freeboard docks for launching at these locations:
  • Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary Boat Launch Facility —Proposed improvements include a new dock for launching personal watercraft.
  • Samoa Boat Ramp County Park —Proposed improvements include parking lot restriping, new personal watercraft unloading area, and new pedestrian access trail connecting the parking lot and beach.
  • Woodley Island Marina Personal Watercraft Dock –Proposed improvements include a new dock for launching personal watercraft.
Future project features include improved signage for this network of boating trails in the Bay and providing more support for all boating related activities.