Conservation Overview

photo of Pelican

A careful balance is required for the Humboldt Bay Harbor District to promote commerce, fisheries, navigation, and recreational uses of the bay while protecting Humboldt Bay's vast natural resources. Planning and management for the wise use of natural resources to prevent exploitation, destruction or neglect is key to maintaining this balance. To that end, the District coordinates bay activities through an Interagency Coordination Committee and Mariculture Monitoring Committee. In addition, the District developed a Humboldt Bay Management Plan, tapping the expertise of 19 agency and bay user group representatives. The District is also involved in many conservation activities including maintaining the most extensive bilge water recovery system on Humboldt Bay; implementing the first ballast water exchange program on the west coast of north America; managing several wildlife areas; participating in or coordinating many natural resource research projects; and participating in or sponsoring many bay awareness educational events. In addition to its ongoing conservation programs, the District also manages and maintains three wildlife areas in the Humboldt Bay area.