Sierra Pacific Eureka Dock

Acreage: 15 acres multipurpose facility
Berths: One
Dock: Wooden, with 3 approach ramps
Length: 475'
Deck Height: 14' above MLLW
Depth Alongside: 35'
Distance from sea buoy: 5.3 NM
Land Distance to Eureka: at Eureka
Storage Space: 20,000,000 FBM Logs (scribner)
40,000,000 FBM Lumber
Warehouse Space: 1,000,000 FBM Lumber
Services: Handling logs, lumber, wood chips and rock
Crane, loaders, forklifts available for all cargo handling
Specialized cargo weighing
Freshwater and fueling services
110/220 electricity at dock
60' platform certified scales
Computerized sample weights

Sierra Pacific Industries, Eureka Dock
P.O. Box 5046
Eureka, CA 95502 

Contact: Eric Shelby
Telephone: (800) 367-6465
Alternate Telephone: (530) 378-8252