Humboldt Bay Species Galleries

Welcome the the Harbor Districts collection of photo galleries! These photographic galleries will introduce you to the plants, animals, and history of Humboldt Bay and provide you with links to other web sites to provide additional information.

Birds of Humboldt Bay

These lovely photographs have been provided to the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District by wildlife photographer Ron LeValley.

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Plants of Humboldt Bay Dunes and Wetlands

Gordon Leppig and Andrea Pickart have created a wonderful photographic collection of plants found in the dunes and wetland habitats of Humboldt Bay.

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Mollusks of Humboldt Bay

The rich diversity of bivalves, gastropods, and nudibranchs which grace these pages have been photographed by Dan Yoshimoto and me. Paul Vallentich Scott has been kind enough to provide us with several spectacular photographs from his collection.

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Northern California Polychaeta Profile

Polychaetes are an enormous spectacular diverse group where identification is time consuming and difficult even for an expert in the field. This site is not meant for an identification key but for novices in the field to become familiar with the diversity of Class Polychaeta. There are 102 species displayed on this site encompassing 30 families. These species were collected off the coast of northern California by the Ocean Baseline Survey Report in 1990. Species were identified by Lorrie Bott, with the assistance of Vicki Frey and Bonnie Lesley.

All pictures are by Victoria Westman but can be used for educational purposes only.

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Fishes of Humboldt Bay

Humboldt Bay is home to an incredible array of fish providing both refuge and nursery habitat for more than 120 species. Susan Schlosser has been kind enough to provide a variety of photographs from her juvenile rockfish research in Humboldt Bay.

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Other Interesting Web Sites

The Marine Life Information Network for Britain and Ireland (MarLIN) provides information for marine environmental management, protection and education. It is a centre of excellence in spatially based and time-series marine biological information and supports good stewardship in the marine environment.

Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan

Exotic Species on the Pacific Coast of North America: The earliest record of an exotic marine species on the Pacific Coast is an Atlantic Ocean barnacle collected in San Francisco Bay in 1853. Recent studies have documented hundreds of exotic species established within the reach of the tides, including 64 exotics species.

California Academy of Sciences, Department of Invertebrate Zoology & Geology: The Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Geology (or IZ&G) maintains four major collections: Recent invertebrates, fossils (invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants), diatoms (fossil and living), and minerals. The collections of the department are the most diverse within the Academy, containing approximately two and a half million specimens.

AlgaeBase is a database of information on algae that includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms. At present, the data for the marine algae, particularly seaweeds, are the most complete.