Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District Economic Development Committee

The Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District Commission formed an Economic Development Committee in May 2009 comprised of entrepreneurs, economic developers, government planners and interested citizens. Meetings were structured as a series of forums that explored a wide array of options for economic development around Humboldt Bay and continued monthly through October 2009. The Commission would like to thank all the Economic Development Committee members who took time to help us understand what options are available for us to stimulate the economy of the bay.

A summary of meetings is available in report form below as well as recommendations to the Commission with regard to policies and actions that the Harbor District can take to revitalize Humboldt Bay’s economy and improve its own vitality.

Economic Development Committee Final Report (5.9 MB)

Prioritization of Policies and Actions for Economic Development of Humboldt Bay (7.2 MB)

Contents of meetings can be streamed on Humboldt Access TV at the following addresses.

Topic Date Web Address
Shipping/Harbor 5/27/09
Industry/Light Industry 6/24/09
Tourism 7/29/09
Recreation 8/26/09
Restoration 9/30/09
Fishing/Aquaculture 10/28/09
Final Meeting 4/28/10