Adopt The Bay

The Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District (HBHRCD) mission is: To serve all the people of Humboldt County by promoting harbor use, enhancing recreational opportunities and protecting bay and tidal environments.

Humboldt Bay is one of California’s most pristine estuarine environments and is the second largest natural bay in the state. Humboldt Bay presents a wide variety of unique habitats which support numerous marine species, including open water, eelgrass beds in shallow water, mud and sand flats, salt marshes and ponds, agricultural lands, sand beaches and islands, man-made structures, and woody riparian vegetation, Humboldt Bay supports approximately half of California’s eelgrass population and is home to 35 managed species of fish. The Bay has a wide and diverse composition of species including; 120 species of fish, 251 marine birds, 550 species of marine invertebrates, 80 species of algae, and numerous resident and visiting marine mammals.

We invite you and your organization to begin protecting our valuable natural resources like salmon, halibut, rockfish, crabs, herons, owl’s clover, eelgrass and others by participating in our Adopt-the-Bay program.

Your efforts to help protect, maintain and enhance Humboldt Bay’s incredible biodiversity by adopting a piece of the Bay will help fulfill the Harbor District’s mission to the community members of Humboldt County as well as the State of California. A variety of adoption projects can be arranged to meet your needs and schedule.

The Adopt-the-Bay Program is a means by which concerned citizens and civic organizations can become a part of enhancing and preserving Humboldt Bay’s natural resources and is also a great way to promote civic responsibility while teaching children and adults a sense of pride in our community. Any individual or group can “adopt” unique habitats of the Bay. All that is required is to contact the HBHRCD to perform a variety of tasks such as litter and debris removal, vegetation maintenance and enhancement, trail maintenance as well as other assorted tasks. The Adopt-the-Bay Program also promotes both long and short-term projects such as trail construction, signage construction or placement, revegetation and others.

The Adopt-the-Bay Program creates a partnership between HBHRCD and the citizens of Humboldt County. HBHRCD, in general, will provide project design, hand tools, plants, trail materials and waste disposal while the participants provide labor, monitoring and upkeep of the adopted area. The partnerships created by the Adopt-the-Bay Program will ensure the timely cleanup and maintenance of the Bay resources and reflect HBHRCD’s commitment to the preservation and enhancement of Humboldt Bay’s natural resources.

For more information please contact our office (707) 443-0801.
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