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District Hires Larry Oetker as Executive Director

On December 7th, the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District hired Larry Oetker as their new Executive Director.

The District’s mission is to “serve all of the people of Humboldt County by promoting harbor use, enhancing recreational opportunities and protecting bay and tidal environments.” As Executive Director, Larry will be responsible for the District’s overall leadership and management, and will work closely with the Board of Commissioners, staff, and district officers to develop and accomplish the District’s mission and goals. 

Larry has proven abilities to maintain a positive and inclusive work environment. As the City of Arcata Community Development Director, he demonstrated his commitment to teamwork and passion for serving the people of Humboldt County. Larry’s direct experience with the District includes serving on the Humboldt Bay Development Association, and on the District Economic Development Committee.  He has been a Humboldt County resident for more than twenty years, and resides with his wife and daughter in Manila. 

His first day on the job will be Wednesday December 20, 2017. He can be reached at loetker@humboldtbay.org.


Humboldt Alert System Sign up

The new Humboldt Alert System is here!

If you signed up for notifications through VESTA Alert previously, you will need to sign up with Humboldt ALERT to continue your notifications. The former system will NOT transfer all your information over to the new system.

Humboldt ALERT allows the Office of Emergency Services to contact thousands of residents in minutes, so you can find out about an emergency right away using methods that you choose, such as email, phone, and text message.

Commerce, Recreation and Conservation

Humboldt County's tidelands, bays, and estuaries have unique and diverse management needs. The Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District was created in 1973 to address these needs. The District oversees planned development of the harbors and ports within its boundaries, as well as protection of the natural resources located here. It is a countywide agency with permit jurisdiction over all tide, submerged and other lands granted to the District, including all of Humboldt Bay. For more info please visit our District overview page.

Shelter Cove Boat Launch

Operations: The Harbor District maintains and operates the public boat launching facility at Shelter Cove. The District’s tractor boat launch service typically operates 7 days a week from 6:00 a.m. until the last boat is back in (tractor maintenance can sometimes delay or limit service). Launching service is on a first come first serve basis and the charter boats get priority launching. Please check-in with Harbor District staff for service upon arrival or call (707) 273-2672 for more information.
The District currently operates two tractors and is looking to purchase a third tractor to reduce delays due to tractor maintenance. The District is always looking for qualified staff at this location, please call (707) 443-0801 for further details.

Click here for rates and more information about current and future District operations at this location and other Shelter Cover amenities and services.